The Red Barn Ramblers


This is essentially a jam session with minimal practice by a group of musicians who don’t normally play together.  Some have never played together.  They get together when they can.  Depending on their availability, the band can range up to 15 members.  They are skilled and each has lots of miles on them.  Lots of miles used to hone their craft.  We, the listeners, are the beneficiaries.     

They recorded the jam, and this is it.  It is fan-freakin-tastic!  It is mixed but very little editing and absolutely no overdubs.  Therefore, the music is the way you want it to be – real.  A rarity these days. 

The songs are covers, but in no way was there an attempt to sound like the original. 

This is for those who long for the return of real music.

“The Red Barn Ramblers”    

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Music by Gerry and Friends


  • Oct 16
    Collegian Court,  Chicopee
  • Oct 17
    The Grill At Copper Hill,  East Granby
  • Oct 23
    Collegian Court,  Chicopee
  • Oct 26
    The Yarde Tavern,  South Hadley
  • Oct 29
    Theodores',  Springfield